Franchise is a modern sales concept which is increasingly gaining in significance in Germany. Here, legally independent companies, franchisors and franchisees work together closely.

The franchisor provides this know-how of his company model in a so-called franchise package and levies licence fees for this. The franchisee is authorised and has the duty to operate the business according to the franchisor´s concept.

In particular for people setting up businesses, franchising provides a good opportunity to establish themselves on the market. For the franchisee, the advantage of the franchisee is the fact that it is less expensive than a new company to invest in a smaller capital and market risk. A company model that is particularly interesting for entrepreneurs. Franchising is a business method that has now established itself in many economic areas.

HoTax services franchise

  • Support in the establishment of franchise systems and their partners
  • Design of strategies for national franchise marketing
  • Establishment of a German system headquarters
  • Implementation and reporting of a comparison of individual businesses
  • Support of the Franchisesystem
  • Founding guidance of franchisees
  • Supporting the franchise partners